Tuesday, 18 February 2014

~ Awaaz ~

~ Awaaz ~

Kiski si awaaz lagti hai?
Kahan se yun panapti hai ?
Hai naam pata kya uska ?
Woh jo khawaab ki naazir,
Lapat main chingaari si awaaz..
Khoobsoorat nazm ki shakal,
Jaise hai kisi bazm se uthti,
Shankh, tamboore, nagade si awaaz,
Naath si masoom, vaani main ghulti,
Zuban pe paan ki laali si laal ..
Woh kisi ke maazi si awaaz …
Uss bade se sheher main,
Uss nanhe se gaon main,
Jab bhi zor zor se bajti hai,
Kaanon main, galiyaron main,
Baagheeche main mitti ke galichon si awaaz..
Har sijde si jhukti, ibadat main theharti,
Rooh ke sukoon main sarabor hone ki awaaz..
Uss band kali ke khilne ki chahat si khilti,
Oss si paak dulhan ki mehndi main rachti,
Ghoonghat uthane pe sharam si chalakti,
Ghulab si maasoom, khushi main mehekti,
Kal ki khushkhabri main ankhon se tapakti,
Uss nayi maan ki cheekhon si lagti,
Doodh ki shakal liye seene main utarti,
Unn ankhon se tapakti, jab kissi darr ko chooti,
Woh jab darwaze pe sir tika kar rah takti,
Na aane pe bilakhti, aansuon main jagti,
Aane pe hichkiyon aur muskurahne ki awaaz..
Phir ek roz, bina daanton ke bhi khilkhilati,
Jhuriyon main jhulasti jawaani ki awaaz..
Har sheh-o-afsaane se faarigh paakar,
Qabr ki purzor yaad aane ki awaaz..
Iss awaaz ko kya naam dena chaoge?
Chalo fursat se dobara sochenge,
Aaj raat is awaaz ko Awaaz hi keh dete hain…

Yet another beautiful translation by my friend and poet, Amrit Sinha. And, believe me, this one is a lot better than mine. I loved how he has shaped my words differently.

Read his poem 'Melody', the translation of my poem '~ Awaaz ~'.


  1. I loved it, as always. Come to think of it, how can you imagine writing about something like SOUND, and then make it feel like a living being, with emotions and life. You are truly awesome, a gift to this literary world, May I get to learn from you always my friend :-)

    1. You're being generous, Amrit :) Jhoot kam bola karo -_- :P

  2. *standing ovation* brilliant Sadia!

    Amrit said it all..you are really a gift to us :)

    1. so much Love, Gal (I don't know your name, be kind enough to tell me in your next comment) ... <3 :)

    2. I prefer to be anonymous over the internet :) I hope you don't mind!

  3. This is a re-post of my comment from Amrit's translation--blog--because it is the collaboration of you poets which breathe new and truly beautiful word-songs into my Wednesday night:

    "For me, each gracefully-played stanza could well be a melodious piece, standing proudly alone!
    Otherwise, the beautiful life of one, looking back at childhood, adolescence, falling so deeply in love,
    marriage, all travel me through my own (male) life.
    And with such emotional tones in these melodies, I cannot imagine more real!
    Then it ends where I am now, laughing at the cemetery, and in retrospect, able now to name my life A MELODY."

    Sadia, you are endowed with a wonderful gift of imagination, and an ability to communicate that. Always you are grateful to the Great Giver---and you express that gratitude in sharing your poetry, wit, charm, and beautiful insights into life. Thank you!

    Amrit, you are amazing for using your talents to do this for us. All English readers are in your debt for your talent and work. Bravo!

    1. Can't express how I feel after reading your comment, Steve ... all I can say is, it constructs an essential part of my breathing ... Yes, I do live on them ... Thanks a ton :)

  4. You pamper words...stroke them..assuage the anxiety impregnated in them . n the word comes alive.. Dancing to tune of your unexpressed thoughts... Speaking the language of your beautiful heart... Love you<3

    1. Love you, too .. Shaista ... thank you so much for your lovely comment :)

  5. Just read Amrit's translation and came by to read the original of such a gem .I was definitely not disappointed-such beauty and grace in your lines Sadia,mashallah!Keep writing:-)