Saturday, 22 February 2014

~ My First Baby ~

Ohk, now, this Beautiful Little Baby got us into one grappling duel, he — crying and hollering that why the heck book doesn’t have his picture like Momma’s, and me lunging to catch those airborne copies, flung by him in fury. Phew. Tired, but happy happy, anyway.

If you got a palate for words, some real crunchy words, dripping in emotions, soothing on your tongue, evoking your senses with their feathery touch, tingling your mind till you're nearly numb, only to render to the everlasting beauty of the same luscious words - Discover the Haute Cuisine here :


  1. i can have your words on my shelf...
    all about it....smiles.

  2. And last heard .... it's already a bestseller .... congrats buddy :-)