Tuesday, 20 May 2014

~ Majnun to Laila ~/ ~ Laila ko Majnun ka ~

~ Majnun to Laila ~

To wind’s ear, Majnun did whisper, longingly for only his Laila,
Wind, impatient, mindless, spilled the message, in the gush of air ..
Flecks of sand imbued, devotion of Majnun dribbling from them,
Two strings percolating his words, resound in surroundings afar..
‘What doth East, West would signify, North, South, much a lie,
Thy footprints in the direction I trace, on that trail I Prostrate’ …

~ Laila ko Majnun ka ~

Majnun ne Laila ke liye hawa ke kaan main kuch kaha,
Hawa ne nasamjhi main peghaam chaar su bikhra diya ..
Rayt ka resha resha bheega hai ab Majnun ke alfazon se,
Do dori se bandhe lafz, goonjhte hain yun fizaaon main ..
‘Mashriq kya, Maghrib kya, Shamal, Janoob, se kya khaiz,
Nishan tere paon ke pade jahan, Sijda mera zaroori wahan’ … 


  1. have you ever heard the eric clapton song...layla? reminds me a bit of your words...nice protestation of love...

    1. Nope ... I did not, but would now ... Thanks :)

  2. It seems you are incredibly romantic! This is Chirasree, your latest follower!

  3. Wow! That kind of love... not sure if it is now restricted to our fairy tales.

    Beautiful imagery.