Wednesday, 7 May 2014

~ Name ~ / ~ Naam ~

~ Name ~

What shall I call thee?
What doth it make me?
Thirst in me,
Maketh mirage of ye ..
Hath thee been morsel,
Whetting my appetite, again ..
If, hope thou art,
Dost kindly name me, patience ..
If, thee febrile dust storm,
Windswept sand is me ..
Bohemian, thy sobriquet?
I cometh from the tales, you traipsed and forgot ..
Zenith thee, Nadir me,
My beauty, evanescence, silhouetting thy flesh,
Reminiscences belonging to thee, doth mine …
Zilch my presence to thee,
Nigh shalt be the finale to me ..
Yonder — Oasis blooms of ye, if for me —
Hither — me, sans procrastination —
Shalt drink mine, and —
Dissolve in thy ‘Name’ ….

~ Naam ~

Kya naam doon tujhe?
Kya banaaun khud ko?
Saraab tu,
Pyaas main,
Niwala tu,
Bhook main,
Umeed tu,
Sabr main,
Tapish tu,
Raet main,
Musafir tu,
Bhooli ek kahani main,
Shuruwat tu,
Khaatma main,
Tere raishon, pathon pe meri jild,
Teri yaadon ko hi odha fir,
Na hona mera ‘gar teri zidd,
Parda kyon na gire fir jald hi ?
Par — jo tu —
Wahan, sabz panaah bane meri,
Yahan, bina der kiye, piyun, ghulun,
Tujh main hi, tere 'Naam' main bhi …


  1. Wow, once again your poetry dazzles Sadia. You and Brian Miller are the two most gifted poets I know. This is incredible.

    1. Keith, so kind of you to say that ... I'm humbled ... Brian, is superlative to what I'm ... Just pray and help me to learn more ... Smiles ..

  2. jaise sehra mein baj rahi ho rabab.. jaise koi meethi si ghazal.. jaise tum kaho main sunu.. bahut khoobsurat!!

  3. oh love the dissolve in your name...naming is such a powerful thing as significance....and such fluid emotion.....and its in english too!!!!!! smiles...i am glad i can appreciate it all the more...smiles

    and i need to thank keith...smiles.

    1. I did it in English hence ... Glad that you could enjoy it, Brian ... Thank you so much ... Smiles ..

  4. Outstanding. Thank you for retaining the Urdu version. It is amazing. You are a phenomenon S.

  5. Nigh shalt be the finale to me ..the very fluidity of the flow speaks the depth of thought.Nice

  6. Sadia, I just LOVE your poetry. The depth, the layers, the imagery, and the pathos. Not to forget your wonderful words, be they in Shakespearean English or Ghalib's Urdu...... Outstanding

  7. Its really unbelievable to read something like this on some blog. Your writing is just one amazingly beautiful creation. I can call every work of yours a Masterpiece :)