Monday, 13 October 2014

~ The lovely, lovely door ... ~

~ The lovely, lovely door … ~
More than ‘just so relic’,
Befitting a Palazzo,
Chiseled out of,
Two hundred (or thousand, if it'd really matter) years old,
Ponderous mahogany,
Heaving life through recent chinks,
Festooned in slits n' cracks,
Painted and pretty well hidden, though …
That with rusted, onerous latch,
But, a new dense silver lock,
Was left open,
Mistakingly, may be (for we never know),
Last night,
By me,
Or, by someone,
Who was leaving the last,
Not such artifact, my tiny abode …
I'm missing,
Since then …
Would you mind telling me,
If … I'm found?


  1. What a wonderful story to accompany the fascinating door in that photo...

  2. "The lovely, lovely tale of the lovely lovely door" is what I have just read TWO times. Please do not tell me if I am "found". What I do NOT know cannot then hurt me.

    Sadia, maybe not age have you lived...
    but SAGE you are, nonetheless.

  3. hey being found is all part of the fun now isnt it? smiles.
    doors are cool...they all tell a story...closed or open
    the pits in them, the history, what they contain
    or open to...and us...