Monday, 27 October 2014

~ Ignoring you? ~

~ Ignoring you? ~
Poseidon of a lost, incognito sea,
YOU … Flowing in me,
Blood … much alike you tend to be,
Present, never evident, but why?
And that most I forge to forget,
Professing my failure to reminisce how we met,
Cognizing your ‘forever’ love, but,
Losing the thrust to my trepidations,
Whenever it’s time to acknowledge,
But, you’re there, inside me,
Flowing incessantly,
Such placidly, answering to my conundrums,
Throbbing with my infrequent throbs —
Ain’t you at ceaseless torture? I know, you are …
Encapsulating what I hold,
In those tiny but zillion pods,
Enkindling the cinders of my white-knuckled wrongs,
Into chaste, feral sanguinity — you render me alive, hence …
Ablaze you fall and rise, within my selfish, tepid walls,
You’re there, always, yes always … Inside me …
Fading away in a swift, soft, cat-pawed move,
Evanescent knot of some ‘forever’ desired off-the-wall bend,
And, for my bloody sanity sake,  
You’re ‘Still’ holding, both the ends!
How in God’s name can I even ignore you?
I wish to live … *Smiles* … still …………

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  1. and ignoring them you wont live....nice intensity in really brings the feeling