Thursday, 27 November 2014

~ Forbidden Fruit ~

~ Forbidden Fruit ~
Growing on a deep-seated tree named ‘Scarlet Follies’ …
Suspended between the two branches,
A swag, torn n’ shabby,
Hindering, prohibiting to what?
Weary ghost of a pale past,
Lips those of a faded rose,
Reclining on a stone-carved cold pew,
Erstwhile flesh and bone, and now?
Just a recurring,
Presumptuously afresh thought,
About to lend a jaded jacketed soul,
To what is coming,
Abstract, obscure,
Even unknown to the radical bones …
Future? Aye! Aye!
They call it future,
Whistling, strolling, wasting,
With an age old leafless twig in hand,
On the same worn-out trail …
Raison d'être?
A lifeless existence, never prefixed by a reason, any cause …
Greatest fools would those be,
Too timid … to challenge what is,
Looking beyond what ought to be,
Into the colossal uncertainties of bequeathed facts …
That place is addressed as …
Illumination … a revelation …
An enlightened sight … a ruby precious life!


  1. ah i am all for challenging what is...
    our future is what we make of it...and if we choose is what it is...

  2. Surely this is a site well worth seeing.