Sunday, 30 November 2014

~ O’ Lost One! ~

~ O’ Lost One! ~
With the neat Sun,
Sans any spilling light, sinking deeper,
In its comfy bountifully crimson hem,
When the wait has generously kissed me poison,
Just below the neckline,
Where I used to succinctly wear thy glassy wings …
I’m setting out, yet again,
To search for thee,
The biggest, prettiest, glinting chunk of me,
That has gone missing,
Since, I’d say, forty wallowing fortnights …
And, for being an absolute, dissolute,
Narcissus seed,
Somehow … indirectly … vaguely
I could always sense it,
Even without drawing (scrawling) a family tree,
With an extra-light tip pencil,
Perhaps a fruit-skinned toy-akin eraser, too …
And, though not dismounting the modesty,
To lean against the deserted wall (page),
Never redoing the snappy (in tiff) branches,
Convincingly … I, too, am fond of my pond image!
Thence … so much that I love every bit of mine,
It’s critical thou shalt see, to find myself,
I must find thee,
Hence, tell me, O’ Lost One …
Where art thou?

1 comment:

  1. i am sure if you keep looking you will find, just make sure you are looking in the right places...for yourself.