Tuesday, 2 December 2014

~ O’ Sleep! ~

~ O’ Sleep! ~
Seem to have passed,
Since I saw him last …
O’ Sleep! I beseech thee!
Embrace me,
In your shadowy arms
Engulf me,
Licking all my rosy charm,
Turn me slowly,
Into a pale memory of my own
Let my heart be incarcerated with his,
In a fancy, heavenly crystalline jar …
O’ Sleep! Take me to the same bewitching place,
Where water did never splash,
But went deep, deep and calm, and so lucid blue,
Where, he and I, twined in some pretty, misty lure,
Were walking towards the cherub-faced death,  
With placid, tidy steps …
O’ Sleep! Stay heedful but,
Wary of the nameless hand, so willing to draw me out,
From your enchanting, sopping trance …
O’ Sleep! Let none rouse you!
Let none pluck me!
For I wish to join him,
Just once … only this time!


  1. smiles...i def could use the sleep yesterday...i even got a full night and it was not enough...i was wore out by the end...we will find that great sleep one day....

  2. With the insomnia that I have been experiencing lately, I needed to read this today :)