Tuesday, 9 December 2014

~ I wait for you! ~

~ Unexpected wouldn’t dread me, but that already occurred, happened, seen as a reality in my hind-mind, something I foresee would. There lies my greatest fear of it someday gaining under its wobbly feet – no more boggy but a resolute ground! ~

~ I wait for you! ~
Furred fear,
Canines dug deep,
Feeding on my soul’s sickled tallow,
Skew ridden,
A louse, happily homing in my nightmares’ hair …
Hounded me, since it alighted,
On the branches of our ever-so-innocent dalliance,
Dated a fresh life …
Our lives teaseled, tasseled, tousled as one
And yes today … it came so alive,
To take you away,
Clutched in its raw gnaw … held tight
And now, when you’re just so far, so away,
Like a piece of my heart has gone missing—
Though amazingly, I live still,
Heartbeats thoughtlessly bundled into one toilsome sheaf—
I sit amused at the remainder of my heart,
A laconic denuded alcove—
Where waits one last message to you,
To remain sadly forever like that,


  1. the dark side..........................engulfing

  2. oh how sad...it is the things i leave unsaid that scare me a bit...
    i like the contrast with the rather violent taking, like by a dog...

  3. Regretting NOT the past...still I don't with to shut the door on it. Fear, for the most part -- is GONE from my life. TRUE. (EXCEPTION--being chewed up be a mad dog, whose owner named her "Devil"!!!)

    What lies still there in my heart--left unsaid--I must SAY it, to one other human being (AND God!), so it can be freed to reach it's intended recipient. Only THEN can my heart return to breathing and loving in THIS MOMENT.

    And with all that said--I can "wait for you" with faith so strong, and conscience so clear.