Wednesday, 3 December 2014

~ She was Lost! ~

Uljhi hoon yun tujh mein,
Ki suljhan se koson door hui …  

~ She was Lost! ~
Never knowing,
Where to go,
Egged on by her stifling urge,
She kept walking, walking down the road …
And now,
Ending up in here … where?
Not cognizing,
The faceless echoing directions,
Those tantalized by her blanch presence,
In their foreboding womb …
Where is she right now?
Flustered by her quarrelling, homeless thoughts,
She swallowed hard,
A plunge to be decided upon … to keep moving on?
For she, too, knew this and swore by her heart,
Those, with a beginning meek,
Are just simply forever lost!
Thus, she kept walking, walking down the road …



  1. In love she wanders, soon she will find her blue yonder!

  2. and perhaps someday she will find the place for her eh? sometimes you just have to keep moving until you get there...