Thursday, 10 July 2014

Ek koshish … Ghazal likhne ki ..

Ek koshish … Ghazal likhne ki ..

Agarche faisla iss baar, mere haq main hota,
Mahalon ka naghma, Ghurbat main na sota ..
Afreen(praised) hota khoob taaj, kaasah e gadaa’i(beggar’s bowl) bhi,
Payendi main khan’kta sikka bhi na khota ..
Raaton ki peeth pe sawar, ujala runk(pauper) banta,
Sajdon main girr, paeshani ragad kitna rota ..
Muthi bhar zaffraan(saffron), jaebon main bhar lata,
Khizaaon(autumn/fall) main mausam e gul yun kar bota ..
Taa'beer(interpretation) khud apni kaashaanah(dwelling) O mazaar ka,
Mashkoor(grateful) na kisi haal karta, raqqasa(dancer) ka tota ..
Tadfeen(burial) ke waaste, tayyar kar mitti ‘ainy’ ki,
Bekasi(feebleness) ke chust libaas utar, ashqon se de dhota !

~~ Only if, had they given verdict in my favor,
Rich melody wouldn’t have starved to sleep ..
By praising king’s crown and beggar’s bowl too,
No last coin shall see the pain of being drowned ..
Mounting the night, light may become a pauper,
Thus, prostrating in prayers, crying unto dusk ..
A rich handful of saffron blooms in my pocket,
Hence, should I sow spring to reap in autumn?
My dwelling, my grave, so am I very nuanced,
No dancer’s parrot shall prophesize thus my end ..
Now, let ‘ainy’ get ready for being so entombed,
Denuding the clothe of infamous vulnerability,
Tears would hence give the very last nude bath! ~~


  1. You are one of the very FEW poets I need to read. Well...hmmmm, yes, really WANT to. And cannot understand a dammmm word--grin!
    I'm thinking it must be a real pain to try to carry into a translation the core meaning of the original. So my friend Brian and I will just have to be patient (sigh). Smiles!!!!!!!

    1. Oh Steve ... Would post in English soon .... Thank you so much though for coming by :)

    2. Translated it, Steve, for you :)

  2. haha...Steve has my back...and i am glad that he did...i will poke him and tell him to come back and the saffron line and the play on spring and autumn in it...there is a lot of emotion cooking through this as well...