Wednesday, 16 July 2014

~ Last Night … ~

~ Last Night … ~

Of the warm red wine,
Or, the lone taste,
Of the lingering icy kiss,
On thy gasping nude lips ..
Dancing flames,
Licking the gloss from,
Stacked, oiled wood-logs,
In thy cloudy iris eyes ..
Roguish rain,
Playing and prodding,
Honeysuckle enriched,
That rose-scented air,
On thy summery skin ..
Muffled mêlée,
Wild, with vortex soft,
Spinning and parleying,
With the damp serenity,
Of thy lush brown locks ..
Wish thee could hear my heart beating,
Whispering so loud … to none, but thou,
For this is only — only how,
 I fancied making love to thee ….. Last night …


  1. ha. hoping that was more than just a dream for built quite the flame in this one....

    1. Ah ... thanks, Brian .... lolz, an imagination ...

  2. Happy that everywhere I click, I read again this eloquently written poem. I'll quote my earlier comment, you may not see...
    Desire, pure lovingness directed these words of longing. Not dream, but a passionate wish for what did not. Just outstandingly beautiful!
    SO glad I "know" you, Sadia

  3. So artistic and eloquent :) You are queen of thoughts Ainy :)

  4. So much beautiful romanticism here. You should publish a collection of your romantic writings :)