Tuesday, 29 July 2014

~ Serenading your unsung Aubade, Love … ~

~ Serenading your unsung Aubade, Love … ~

Hide N’ seek,
Shall we austerely play again?
In the shrubby courtyard of our ripen romance,
Entwined in alleys of ardor, winding in lanes, so coy,
Iron gates of curbs and bends, Oh so impasse ..
Who shall be meek?
You, me, or this noon so bleak?
Blindfolding US again,
One more lie, let’s so pretend,
I shall sheepishly Serenade, ‘I love you, baby,
Deeper, richer, thicker than,
Even when this silky azure shall wan ..’
Behind that blushing pillar, a finger on your impatient lips,
Keep a fairer veneer, as if, nothing did I say ..
Softest sky only shall truly know, of our gloomy vow ..
Would you, too, coo an unsung Aubade, never listened to,
‘My Love, your breaths,
They keep me such alive,
That with every breath, I take your name ..’
I shall whisper in the echoing womb of the sea,
It was and never could be, WE …
This way, I promise,
We’d open, swirl and whisk our hearts — again and yet again,
And let the warm love ooze brimming over, froth and skim,
Without touching the other’s soul … may be …
So, I sing to myself as the babe twilight flits and Moon melts,
‘I love you, baby, dearer to my breaths … and much dearer than that …’
I said it, once again … Would you hear thither?
Hither, your unsung Aubade … I would hear … always!


  1. So beautiful...sometimes we only hear what we want to...and we only fail to hear what we wish not to...

  2. love the opening...its playful and that is an important part of love...the playfulness...funny i wrote aa quick dash of a poem about a week ago about hide n seek...smiles...love the love in this...

  3. Sweetest morning song, whispers to the universe,
    love is love, no matter where, when, how or IF..
    Declarations of love is heard both directions, even in
    silence. Sadia, you seem to make these lovely pieces
    just appear...as if the words are there before you create!