Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Yes, an Ode to You...

Here, embrace this little gold-key
Clutch it close to set my heart free
A key you always need to keep safe,
And turn at the motion of love-wave
I trust you with the treasure of my life
At your feet, breathing love to thrive—
Oh, ensnared girl, I'm a locksmith,
Keeper of all hearts, ruling the zenith
Sparkling keys crawling underneath,
Kissing, and bowing at my dark feet
Glare of my eyes can keep them still
Twist and turn, at the wink of my will
Direction that suits my mighty mood
As the time wings by, keys turn crude
Junk that I don't keep to ruin my castle
Rusted Iron-keys, a triumph too facile
Things of no use are better off to trash
Ticking clock knocks to offer afresh…


  1. nice dance in your words...gotta be careful who you give that key the wrong hands it rusts surely...there are some things better off to trash...

  2. Thanks again surely does...things turn vile just by a wrong touch !

  3. I find it difficult to write poems that rhyme, as I run short of words ... thus, whenever I come across a rhyming poem, I feel totally awestruck ... and when a magician like you come out with such gems, phir to kya kehna yaar :D

  4. This was lovely Sadia...very emotive and powerful. I could feel the emotion behind the words.