Tuesday, 21 January 2014

~I See~

~I See~

A lie, you began, a lie, you bargain,
You, seeker, one liar,
Market of love — a lie, too
Giver, a bigger liar,
Eagle-feed on names,
What those eyes glare at?
What is the bait?
For whom is the wait?
If not for sleepless nights,
If not those feverish days,
What if no Majnu is pulling bizarre faces?
Fetching to those red teary eyes of Laila, a smile… Just a Smile…
Oh! What do I see, time and time again?
Two pricey glossy plastic hearts,
Maintaining balance sheet and,
Busy in Reconciliation art..
Such well chart out plans —
Affairs, do they say?
No loss, but profit is such sure — free fun,
And much a easy Fame!


  1. it has its allure but also its pain...anything easy is usually not worth its time or the pain that comes with it...the focus on the lie toward the beginning sets the tone for this...

    1. Agree, Brian... what results of a lie is never worth... thanks :)

  2. Not everything that begins as a lie ends a lie. Some go on to take shapes of beautiful truths ahead.

    1. Rajesh, anything based on a lie can never take a beautiful form... unless the truth is revealed, finally... thanks :)

  3. Sometimes love can blind us to the lies that we should see clearly...but that's hoe powerful love can be :)

  4. Very beautifully done ... evokes the stark reality of the society ... but then among a few bads, there are a some good faces too, and that's what makes life worthwhile :-)