Monday, 27 January 2014

~ An Ode to My Rue ~

~ An Ode to My Rue ~

Once a folly, forever a folly,
I hummed to him, in a hushed voice,
Lying on my back, he on top,
‘Baby, never ever lie to me,
God sees everything, so do I,
Confide in me, now and ever,
I’m your friend, a foe never’
I then did commit a parenting folly,
Compared him with another child…
Nagged him with my undying query,
‘What did your teacher ask?
How did you do?
Oh! You were bad!
How did your friend ‘A’ do?’
These questions left an ugly mark,
A searing stain that I felt today,
I repeated the ONLY question,
‘How was your test, Baby?’
To which came one convincing reply — PAT,
‘I did good and my friends did bad’
A Mother — who can see through,
I saw the face of one nascent lie,
Stroking the buzzing parent alarm of chides,
Mincing my words and emotions, I purred,
‘Momma knows all, and nothing hides,
Never ever you dare and lie to me or any,
And for now —
Just go away and don’t talk to me’
Unruffled — he is watching Doraemon,
Whilst I’m jotting down my clammy surging feel,
Nervous, distressed, apprehensive, much sad!
What do I do now?
Where did I fall short?
Is folly a once, a folly forever?
Did my tetchy contrast instill in him
— A Lying Machine?
Is my Embryo blooming wrong altogether?
Or, would his butterflies sleep on a true flower?


  1. Beautiful post - I must admit, I told a lie or two (or more) about my test grades when I was little :)

  2. ah there are points along the way as they are figuring out who they are that we have to wonder though i think in the end the upbringing does win out...smiles.

  3. Just a smile, nothing else to comment :-)

  4. A folly once, could certainly be forever. So deep and so beautifully portrayed