Wednesday, 15 January 2014

~Killing A Spider~

~Killing A Spider~
Shrieking, he ran out of his bath tub,
‘Spider, spider, there is a spider,
Hanging upside down in the shower,
It has many, many huge fork legs, two big black eyes,
Clumping its teeth to have a bite of mine’
Out of his lost found breaths, underlined,
‘Spider, spider, there is one spider,
Momma, shoo it away, much sooner
Or better, kill it with an iron rod’
Gathering him in my big arms,
I tottered to the place of crime,
One look of one such horrid spider,
Bet you? Worth a worthy dime..
There hung one tiny as a seed,
Not of pumpkin, but a green lime..
Smilingly, I whispered in the ear
Of my clambering shouting monkey,
‘What did you see— it’s so, so small’
He shouted again, buried in my chest,
‘Call Lobo, the lizard, of my room,
He will eat it—chomp chomp chomp,
Or, bring one heavy, heavy, iron rod,
From under the wood staircase, and
Squash its head—crunch crunch crunch,
How lovely would it be, Momma,
To see it cold, crushed, blue and dead’
His smile and courage seemingly recouped
‘Love, it’s one small baby spider,
Hanging here to have some free fun,
If we’d kill it—crunch or chomp,
Its Momma would wait for it, forever, forever’
His smile vanished,
And on forehead one serious line swarmed,
‘Oh, is it Momma?’ he truly enquired
I just nodded, as a decision was to be made,
He cleared his throat, groaned, and again said,
‘Momma, let it have its share of shower and fun,
And, can I share with it one piece of my soft bun?’
I gladly agreed, one lesson was again grasped..
Good it may feel to trash a weakest of weak,
Chomp, crunch—may seem heavenly to ears,
But, walking on a smaller never makes one tall,
Instead, yes, magic does happen—
When sharing a shower or a meager bun!


  1. smiles....respecting nature and letting it have its space..not only wise but shows heart as well...

  2. Absolutely, Brian ... Thanks :)

  3. You have my heart Sadia.
    This poem is super cute :)
    This deadly combo Mommy & Zayan are gonna turn me diabetic with their extra sweetness :)


  4. Haha sometimes a spider that's small seems to be 100 feet tall :)

    1. Ask me, Keith ... every other living thing other than human creeps me ...

  5. I LOVE this narrative poem! I have a softspot for living with the spiders and love the lesson spun here. Please link it to Poets United for todays prompt!

  6. Beautiful. Awesome mom ;) the kid will grow up learning to love and include all of this universe.. Amen

    1. Thank you so much, Rajesh ... I hope he does :)

  7. Since the time I have read this poem, I can't stop myself from re-reading it again and again. Every time I am online, my fingers instantaneously type your blog url, and the most beautiful poem I have ever read flashes on my screen. I won't praise it, 'cause this poem needs to be prized, not just praised.

    You are gifted, and I say it again. You are truly GIFTED.

  8. Sadia..lovely! I don't have enough words to praise it.

  9. This is so cute and brilliant :)