Saturday, 30 August 2014

~ Could never Say! ~

~ Could never Say! ~

I've always had,
Less words to tell ye,
Even, when I so wished,
To let myself dunk and drown,
Further in waters, offshore …
Whilst pretending lost,
Playing peek-a-boo,
With bated breath,
When you'd look away,
I, smiling at the lovely lie —
For you'd never lose your sight of me ... Won't I know?
It's not that, love,
I've nothing to whisper in you,
It's just, only just —
All I feel for you — throbs blatantly in my chest,
Yet warm, and so, so melted,
Flowing unabridged,
That tongue, fails to capsulize, and —
Oh … so … could never … play!

1 comment:

  1. smiles....the throb of the love in the chest
    is so very real --- and yeah, it makes words
    hard to bring together to understand
    the depth