Thursday, 14 August 2014

~ … Yes, as I wait … ~

~ … Yes, as I wait … ~
Rice paddies waiting for some more rain,
Hulling is in fate of spikelets, but when?
Wheat berries longing for sanguinity, too,
Lad desires a red-headed belle, to woo ..
Clouds tugging on sun, to get a tad fluffy,
A wench wrapping in, for eyes so grubby,
Tossed buns sighing for one baked patty,
Thirst thirsting for a keg of chilled Natty,
Candle wick, tout, teases the blue flame,
Oil lamp one, glass-veiled, a coy dame ..
Braided, clipped, wired … Oh, they wait,
Wait for the eve’ breeze, to kindle, to mate …
Floats with every soul,
A feather light knoll … of a lingering wait …
Saddled up, but not taken for a home ride,  
Heart gallops so, with every flapping tide …
“Indeed” …
Igniting, taking a drag from my fresh weed,
“Wait is torturous, brings anguish”, I’d coo,
On this side of the abyss, as I’d wait for you,
For a sinned but timeless, virtuous confluence,
Thus … for forever … an ‘indulgence’ ………

1 comment:

  1. you have to be careful what you indulge in...some will serve you well...others will certainly lead you places you will be unsure how you even got there...and many, will become addictions...