Friday, 15 August 2014

~ I love MY land? ~

~ I love MY land? ~

“Dude … Independence Day is so fun,
I got one day off, sweets a day before,
Bought a tiny lovely, tri-color Brooch,
And also a good quality, wrist Band,”
Donning white Kurta,
Kolhapuri Chappal ,
With a few weedy flags,
And firecrackers stacked,
In his brawny hands, he bragged …
“When I roared … ‘Vande-matram’,
Those hotties there oohed and jagged,
I have impressed, many and a few,
By DPs colored saffron, white, green.”
Another day, from the same year —
A skeletal child, begging for alms,
“These crapper rats deserve to rot.”
In a train, a girl being molested,
“Bitch she is, look at her dress,
Let the dogs savor the scant rest.”
Seize fire violated, soldiers dead,
“Change the channel, I’m direly bored,
Watch how good have Brazil scored.”
A newly married burnt dead for dowry,
“An empty dried well perfectly capped.”
And the days pass, listening him testify,
“Give a darn to what is beyond ones barn!”
Then, THE day arrives for him, again —
“Dude … it’s our Independence Day, today,
And I forgot … can’t remember … at all,
Where is my ‘Patriotic’ Brooch and Band,
How the hell will I celebrate this tall day?
Don’t you know … ‘I so love MY land?’ ”


  1. It is so indeed satirical yet prevalent thing we witness on these days especially Independence and Republic ones. These are noting more than a charm of wearing ethnic designer wears and flaunting that 'Patriotism' on social sites for majority of people. Ironical but true. God Bless them all!
    For your post..Kudos (Y)

  2. independence has prices that are hard to how we use those freedoms to oppress others...and take for granted what it took to earn it...