Sunday, 31 August 2014

~ The Door … ~

~ The Door … ~
Beyond the realms of untended kitchen garden,
And shrubby, weedy, once reigned patio,
That opens to an estranged world,
In the abandoned, back alleyway,
Housing lichens, liverworts, molds of all sorts,
A few unnamed mosses, unknown fungi, and some more,
On the bed of enkindled mud, so ravenously soaked,
In the rain of yester, deftly now aboard …
The fissured door — scraped, weather-beaten,
Face chafed and abraded — off-white, much grey —
Was painted in a mirth of white … such a delight,
When she was born, sixty seven years earlier …
Algae, tufts of kind bond, breathe to linger near-by,
On the chinked, hand-riven sweet chestnut laths,
The only ‘green’ company … this door must have …
Behind those vinyl-siding planked walls,
Havened in the fellow-feeling of dusty mildews,
Bedecked in dried honeysuckle vines, with no humming-bird in sight,
Dreaming of puddles of honeydew, splish sploosh splash,
Now she slumbers, soundly — cowered and shrunk,
Silhouetted like a baby, a dried-up waiflike shell,
Tucked tight, with smoothened smothered edges, if any,
Tenderly in a duck-egg-blue duvet-cover, frilly-frizzy,
With a young dreamy swan-down cozily filled in …
Who would refurbish an old spat? Is she alone?
A heck of a ‘cold and damp’ life, forsaken by the rest,
Blooms and burgeons, every day, relishing the nursing dark,
Raving in the crevices of her frailty … her shriveled heart …
Aye … ‘the door’ … to her unsheltered self ……


  1. who would be willing to refurbish? hard question...nice metaphor though...some look at the wear and see ugliness...luckily there are those that see what it is and can be as well

  2. Really liked all the detail in this poem, the richness of the writing, the expressions such as 'bedecked in dried honeysuckle vines.' Complex and intricately rich.

  3. Descriptive words fall from your keyboard as notes and phrases fell from the pen of Richard Wagner. Sadia, you write Tone Poems as Wagner wrote operas.

    I am serious, it is how I am reminded during this reading. BTW, I LOVE Wagner's music--and Sadia's word songs and feel attracted to each as the hummingbird's affinity to honeysuckle!
    Thank You! (And it's in English!!!)--grin!

  4. What some see as worn....others see as beauty. I am one of those...