Sunday, 9 December 2012

My bud YOU are....

~ My bud YOU are … ~

You cling to my wall as a bud to its vine,
I fondly nurture you, while you sleep in my womb …
Yes, a bud you are to me, a bud yet to bloom,
A bud to grow into light when my life is about to gloom …
Carrying you safely, while picking up the pearls of my life,
OH, these lovely nine pearls that I will cherish till I die …
Through the scorching heat as my timid body emits fire,
And till the time when my feet are icy cold and wired
You are the only treasure mushrooming as my shadow,
My only coveted dream is to have you in my arms …
Ecstasy is enough; still I am ambling through the time,
Snuggling, cuddling and kissing you, will be my rewards …
OH, my so precious … You ……
Here … you come as a manifestation of my desires,
The only beautiful sight, I always wished to have …
OH, how I wish to take you in my longing embrace,
And, soothe your thirsty tongue with my motherly joy —
Joy that exuberates to flow through my shivering chest,
Dispensing you my love, now go, and live your life …
Yes, live your life … OH, my precious life ……
Now … I shrivel with the time, being a mortal self,
Still, enduring the faith of your presence in my world
Will you be there to shade the root you once clung — Or —

Will I be left to lynch with the melancholy of my callous fate!

A Mother....

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  1. This is a really beautiful poem on motherhood ... the words cling to the reader's minds long after they are read ... trust me, you are an amazing poet ... and the last para is so delicately poignant ... loved every bit of it !!!

    1. @Green Speck.....thnq fr ur appreciation....they really motivate me everytym....:)

  2. ah this is beautiful...i always loved being pregnant..such magic..and the wonder of a new life growing inside you and being so close but you still have to wait until the right time to hold them in your arms..ah..pure magic for sure..smiles

  3. This poem just brims over with mother love! Beautifully penned....

  4. this made me much going on when we have a child...all our hopes and dreams wrapped up in them....and what a connection as well between mother and child...

  5. This is a lovely ode to motherhood ~ I like the bud blossoming and nurturing...and it continues still, guiding them until they find their own roots ~

  6. Sadia, this is an exquisite meditation on the blessing (and pain) of motherhood. There are many birthings involved, aren't there...and letting g'so, and wonderings.

    1. A mother is borned along with the child...truly an exquisite meditation...thanku :)

  7. i like the tenderness of pregnancy

  8. A beautiful write of the pleasure and pain of motherhood. Lovely.

    Anna :o]