Friday, 21 December 2012


Feeling dizzy and my thoughts still lingering to the beautiful yet naughty giggling sound that I heard few hours back.

The sound is so crisp and clear in my stupid little head as if I was there with them, laughing full heartedly, rejoicing the moment, the moment which I am unaware of.

Misty and smoggy was the sight, but I could easily figure out their movements, as they were gracefully twisting and turning their beautifully carved bodies.

Sublime and heavenly were their moves, dancing to the tunes which  neither I have heard before, nor was I able to understand but it was soothing and melodious, no doubt.

All of a sudden while I was lost and my thoughts unconsciously dancing with their feet in rhythm, the spell broke, sight got marred and the dancing angels vanished, leaving me there alone, mesmerized and startled to the magic I witnessed.

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  1. I love your stories always ... they make me explore and look beyond words ... so real !!!

  2. A brief glimpse into another world. Very nice.


    1. Thanks a ton JzB for visiting my blog :)
      yep have tried ...dunno how much i succeeded :)

  3. Very nice imagery; sensory appeal.

    I just just didn't the description of yourself as "stupid little head" as I was in your head and I didn't feel or see the scene as being in a stupid little head....
    I enjoyed it a lot.


    1. Lolzzz..@Randy thnx a lot...i called it a stupid little head coz its lingering to the virtual images that exist no more ....Thnku so much fr visitng my blog :)