Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Walking through the Worlds

~ Walking through the Worlds ~

Traces of lost life, so tantalize my mind
Walking through the Worlds, now I realize …
The moments, I have been yearning,
Chasing, following, and adoring
They lie here dead, with my soulless self
Memories left beseeching … and forlorn
As I savoured that were never worth …
Scuffling with the fate and the approaching time
Longing to go back, to the one who once loved
Before I doom, die and perish, unravel my life
Just make me stay … just once … for a while …
Let me acknowledge my snivelling part
As my stained soul lingers to my cold body
Wishing to garner those very, very last breaths …
With nobody around to shed a single tear, or even blame
Hence, wishes and desires are now, just a mug’s game
Penance, grievance, repentance, not mere words
The only indulgence of my weary, bleeding soul …
Masquerading myself to match the world out here
Stepped on to the dreams that freely once swayed …
Weeds I grew, till the air was warm and fresh
Breaths are stale, and weeds are already so dead …
Traces of lost life, so tantalize my mind
Walking through the Worlds, now I realize!


  1. I read this poem thrice. And it kept on getting better and better with each read. You know, there are instances when a poem lingers on in our minds long after we have read them. This is truly one of them.

    Just look at the last two lines. They are so powerful and stand on their own. The poem is full of intensity and power, but it also reflects the subtle pain within.

    Brilliantly astounding work my friend. It's your best poem till date !!!

    1. Your words of praises are alwys inspiring ..thx a lot :)