Friday, 14 December 2012

Trust ...a big deal...

Never trust any man other than your husband, not even your father, this was something my mom kept telling me since I was a kid. Seemed so ridiculous, "come-on mama world isn’t that bad as you think it to be" I used to utter every time after a full length speech from my mom and she would just say in return “Beta I have got more experience ".

Living in my own fantasies, a fairy world where everything seemed so beautiful and I was so careless. My Father has always been the most protective person around me and my sister. Those restrictions and their care seemed so bounding, always wanted to break myself free. I was becoming a rebel from somewhere deep inside. Yelled a lot many times,cried a lot many times.
Wish I could have understood them. Wish i could have known how bad this world is in real. After experiencing it myself, here I stand with a handful of experience though a bad one. I regret for everything. Regret for even BEING A GIRL.

Life doesn’t come handy, especially for a girl. Always seen as a sex object, a thing to fulfill the desire of ever so hungry man. Now m married, have a baby boy, though always wished for a girl child but m afraid now. i can’t bear the pain of watching my Baby being eyed as an eye candy by this bad world. And I know no other parent can. Can this also be another reason for increasing Female Infanticide? Not sure but it can be. It’s sad but it’s true.

I hope if I ever have a girl child , I should b able to provide her a clean n protected society where she can roam with all her free spirit and while she is enjoying her beautiful life I should be able to sit back at home , carefree, knowing that my baby is safe out there . Not sure if this will ever happen, till then I wish I don’t have a girl child.



  1. Society is dark at times, but you can't stop living or dreaming. We all have to face the evils, and fight it strongly. Only then can this world be a peaceful place to live in.