Friday, 14 December 2012

Who was SHE ?

Deep Blue Colored velvety silhouette hugging her body, her milky complexion, her long curly soft hair tied in a loose bun with few strands swinging on her bare shoulders and falling on her face in a way as to make it look as beautiful as a moon hiding its unbeatable beauty behind those clouds. Her flawless beauty appears to be all the more mesmerizing in the ambience of the bar, dim blue light is making her appear more like an angel. She came here few minutes back with a huge man who appeared rich enough. Might be her boyfriend, though I just hope he is not.

AAHH me …She just left her seat and is coming towards me. Am I day dreaming, hope not. She stops so close to me. I am sitting too close to the orchestra guys. She whispers something in the ear of the male singer. OHHH MY GOD, she is so undeniably beautiful. I can leave my whole world for her. The sparkle in her eyes and the movement of her soft pink lips as she whispers makes me fall for her over and over again. As she is about to go back, she gives me a look and trust me my heart skipped a beat or two. The orchestra starts playing my favorite song, it means our choice of music is quite the same. Are we destined to meet, or otherwise how does it make sense for me to feel for her so strongly.

Beautiful things can happen over a cup of coffee but a lot better and unexpected things happen over a mug of beer. I am a 26 year old guy with enough good looks to make any girl go gaga over me but no girl could ever possibly make me hear a single bell jingling in my head but she is making my head sway along with those thousand jingling bells. Am I falling in love with the girl ( I don’t know her name even) that too at first sight. Do such things happen in real, well am sure now, they do.

I have already visited washroom 4-5 times just to get her closer view, she is sitting close on to the way to washroom. They have already ordered their drinks and she is sipping her drink slowly. Every act of her adds to her sensuality, which my eyes are fondly feasting upon.  As I was admiring her timeless beauty, the guy with her (I am hating him so much now..ggrrr…)gets a call on his cellphone and he goes out to hear it because of the persistent noise in the bar. This is the right moment, I should approach her. May be I am hastening the things but I don’t want to regret for not approaching her for the rest of my life. I can see her, she is calling someone but the person on the other side isn’t answering the call. She seems worried and tensed as if something bad has happened. I am now concerned and want to walk up to her and offer some help, if required.

It has been 45 minutes, she is still calling. I can clearly see tears in her eyes. I am dying to wipe them off and hug her tight to take away all her worries. Being firm and clear in my head, I leave my seat to reach hers but before I could get any closer to her seat, she makes her payment and rushes out of the bar. I too follow her but she has already left. I can’t see her anywhere. She is GONE. I stand there numb not knowing if I will ever see her again and the only question that surrounds my head instead of those jingling bells is “Who was SHE ?”



  1. Wow ... you write such brilliant fictions ... this is amazing ... waiting for Part 2 !!!